Tuesday, April 23, 2013

EXPOSED: Why Born Again Single Ladies Struggle To Find Husband!

You may have come across ladies, whom you consider extremely good, very religious and still struggling to find a suitor, and you are sometimes left to wonder-‘I thought men love good girls’? But that’s not just the truth. Men want a bad girl with good heart and character. So being just good won’t always attract the best men to you. Now, don’t get me wrong- being good as a lady is greatly encouraged, but try and mix it up if you don’t want to struggle with finding the right man that will walk you to the altar soon. Below, I have summarized some of the reasons why most born again ladies don’t always find husband as easy as the society expects.

They are too strict- men hate rules; give a man rule today, and see him with your neighbor tomorrow. If you are overly strict with guys, always being too serious with your discussions and dealings, most men wouldn’t find you attractive no matter how pretty you are because they will always assume that you are unhappy and angry about something, and nothing chase men from a woman like unhappy mood display.

Born again sisters don’t want to date- due to their extreme religious beliefs and fanatism, born again sisters don’t always want to date, and even if a guy finally convinces them to date, they hardly enjoy the dating period, instead, they bore the man and most times end up chasing him away ignorantly due to their coldness in relationship. They believe more in marriage, and they prefer to call dating “courtship” than dating, and they prefer to call their boyfriend or lover “fiancĂ©” than ‘boyfriend’, all because they hate to date, but love marriage, and tell me how you can marry someone in this present day without first knowing him or her through dating or relationship?

They appear desperate- like I said earlier, most true born again sisters hate to date, they want a man to propose marriage to them immediately as the holy spirit orders, and that’s not easy on the part of men. In so doing, they end up appearing desperate for marriage, which turns majority of men off.

Their too good nature scare men off- being too good or too perfect can be a turn off to most men. That was why I suggested being bad with good heart and character, if at all you understood what I mean.

They are boring & predictable- men hate boring women, and unfortunately, majority of true born again sisters are boring and predictable in a relationship or courtship. And in the process of trying to appear too righteous and decent, they lose their lovers to the set of girls, hence, end up waiting on the Lord for a miracle husband.

They believe too much in their pastor- there is nothing wrong with loving your pastor, or obeying his teachings according to God’s word, but making him the alpha and omega of your life decisions may mar your chances of finding true love, so use your head, that was why God gave you one and said- “let us create man in our own image and likeness”, which means you are a god, and have the power to decide and influence your life.

They dress unattractive- remember, before a man approaches you for a romantic journey, he must have lusted over your physical beauty, else, the relationship or marriage wouldn’t last. Physical attraction is as important as the relationship itself, and most times, men judge your attractiveness from the way you dress and appear. This does not mean that you should dress provocative to attract men, nope, and it doesn’t mean you should start dressing half-naked, of course NO, but try and always look smart, cute and adorable.

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