Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Michelle Obama is Jealous and Pissed As Obama Flirt with Danish Female Prime Minister [See Photos]

Hehe, even the most powerful man on earth flirts! Wonders…and to think Michele showed her jealousy and upset on camera makes it more funny…lol….the whole drama happened yesterday between President Obama and wife Michelle during memorial service in honor of Nelson Mandela in Johannesburg South Africa.

You can see the almighty Obama taking a selfie with his flirt-mate and British Prime Minister Cameron…hehe…and it seemed Obama was so excited like a teenage boy who just found love to the extent that he didn’t even noticed that his wife, US First Lady Michelle was visibly pissed off.

It got to a point, Michelle had no other option but to quickly switch chairs with Barack so he could enjoy his flirting…lolz….see the whole picture below after the page jump:


  1. Dats a good one she really loves his man and dn't want any intruder to come in their way dats d way to protect ur man she went to d point of changing her seat to prevent d woman pm lol funy michelle

    1. Lol...she isn't smiling at are right @Modest

  2. Michelle, she suckered punched you. Damned if he didn't flirt with her, double damned if he did. Strange venue though to be flirting!

  3. blog...more grease to your elbow ..u r really doin gr8

  4. hey they are human too! lol...