Thursday, July 31, 2014

Feminism & Gender-equality: Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie is a Hypocrite

Chimamanda Adichie
With all due respect and disappointment, I regret to call Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie a hypocrite trying to immortalize her name by her hypocritical fight for gender equality and feminism in Nigeria. Read my reasons below after the page cut:

Chimamanda makes it look like women in Nigeria, especially women in Igbo land where she comes from, are being marginalized whereas it’s the opposite.

If at all we have gender inequality in Nigeria, then it should be in the northern Nigeria and not in the south where women have even more opportunities to make it in life more than their male folk.

A female graduate in Nigeria has more chances of securing a good job more than a male graduate today, and yet, Chimamanda goes about blabbing rubbish about gender inequality in Nigeria.

Go to top companies in Nigeria, and you will see a dominance of females occupying top positions, except in the engineering firms where you will see more males, and simply because Nigerian women usually avoid engineering courses when making choice of course.

Even before western education became popular in Nigeria, women have always championed, and have never been out rightly marginalized like Chimamanda Adichie always paint it to win global sympathy, attention and popularity.

Does she know anything about “Umu Ada” in Igbo culture? Umu Ada is a group or association comprising of first daughters in Igbo land, who are as powerful as the senate arm of any country practicing true democracy.

In Igbo land where Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie comes from, Umu Ada alone can dethrone any man if at all they don't even have the power to elect/dethrone a king; Umu Ada in most Igbo communities have more power than even the king of the community, and no one dare dispute their words; are they not women?

Who are Umu Ada? Umu Ada is a name given to a union/association of all married first daughters of a particular kindred, village or community in Igbo land and they are very powerful in making vital decisions in their respective villages; meaning that women have always had a top class position in Igbo land even before western education arrived, so Chimamanda should shut up and concentrate on her literary works before she ruins her achievements with her hypocritical fight for feminism in Africa.

In Nigeria (Southern Nigeria- Southeast, Southwest and Southsouth to be precise), women have more opportunities of survival than their male counterparts, and this is even breeding another form of danger in our present society- more single women now have good job than single guys, and still expect more from the single guys, and hence the abnormal rise in the number of single ladies in Nigeria.

In Igbo land, men intentionally train their daughters and even tell their sons to go and learn trade or business; yet the men aren't crying of being marginalized. And still after these women get the best education and training, they still come back and criticize their fathers and say nonsense about women inequality in Nigeria. Chimamanda are you okay at all?

Who told Chimamanda that Nigerian women are being marginalized? And to all those clamoring for total gender equality in Nigeria, please try and ask women in most countries where feminism is being practised to be honest and narrate their ordeals to you.

Many fathers in Nigeria starved, and even denied their sons higher education just to train their girl child, and most of these girl child ended up becoming big women working in top multinational corporations in Nigeria and beyond, and yet very few or none of them comes back to contribute to their community development like- helping to build their bad community roads, schools, market, town hall, water project, etc, instead, it is the same male children who were denied adequate education to train their sisters that will still come back to the community to develop their respective communities while the female ones use their income and wealth on foreign trips, vacations, exorbitant cosmetics, etc.

This is why I call all feminists in Nigeria JOKERS!!

Chimamanda, if I may ask, how many schools have you helped to build or reconstruct in your hometown where you came from?

How many community development projects have you carried out in your hometown?

But even the male children in your community who were denied higher education by their fathers to train female children like you, who struggled through dangerous routes to make it in life have been contributing immensely to community development, so why should women be empowered and made equal to men if they can't contribute to community development like their male counterpart?

I don't want to make it seem like I have personal issues with you before now, but dear Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, please as a namesake and one of your fans (before you started all those your nonsense and hypocritical fight for feminism), I would advice you to please leave feminism alone and face your writing calling before you destroy your initial good image.

I want to also cite an interesting article written by another concerned Nigerian on this same Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie's hypocritical fight for feminism in Nigeria.

Please find time and read through the article here>>Adichie’s Feminism: Vacuums And Fallacies By A. Gonzaga

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