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Why You Should Marry From Mbaise Community

Contrary to the negative view many people have about these great people called ‘Mbaise’ people; including those who haven’t encountered an ill-mannered Mbaise indigene, I am here to inspire you and to also bring to your knowledge, the amazing things you never knew before now about Mbaise people.

Mabise indigenes have over the years suffered what maybe called- societal stigmatization, even when they are good to people around them, which further shows that the world in general is a stupid place that pass its judgment on fallacy of hasty generalization and stereotype.

You can imagine someone from Ghana, who haven’t even been to Nigeria before, never came across a Nigerian, passing negative judgment on a people he or she knows nothing about just because he or she once heard people say bad things about Nigerian people.

You can imagine when an American citizen who haven’t crossed the borders of America, haven’t met an African person before to talk of a Nigerian citizen telling you boldly that he or she hates Nigerians because he strongly believes that all Nigerians are fraudsters, internet scammers, liars, killers, and what have you, just because he or she heard some news of some unscrupulous Nigerian citizens defrauding innocent and sometimes greedy foreigners who want to get rich quick without working for it.

I once had a Swiss friend, whom I met via Yahoo Messenger around the year 2001, and when he asked me where I come from, I told him I come from Nigeria, he didn’t know Nigeria, so he asked me where is Nigeria? I gladly explained to him that Nigeria is in Africa, precisely, West Africa, and guess what? He was so shocked he asked me how I got access to the internet, I found it funny and asked him what he meant, and he replied:

“Africa is a big forest where only monkeys and wild animals live”….I couldn’t hold the laughter. Now, can you imagine what a Swiss guy thinks about all Africans? To him, all Africans are monkeys living on the tree, lolz…but he was unaware that most Africans are enlightened more than him. He also forgot that many Africans are richer than the richest man in his small city, but he passed judgment on all Africans based on few wildlife documentaries he watched. Can you see how funny humans can be?

The same way, many people in the world today believe all Mexicans are drug dealers, or let me put it this way: many people in the world today believe that all wealthy Mexicans are into drug peddling, what a funny world we living in.

This is the plight of the Mbaise people.

To start with, what is ‘Mbaise’?

Mbaise is a town located in Imo State. Mbaise town have boundaries with Owerri, Obowu/Umuahia, Mbano and Aba.

Mbaise comprises of 3 local government areas, namely- Ahiazu-mbaise, Abor-mbaise and Ezinihite-mbaise.

Mbaise people are very ambitious people, they are also creative; in fact, they are one of the most creative people in the whole of Igbo land.

Mbaise people are also one of the most successful people in Igbo land, that’s after- Nnewi in Anambra State, Ogidi, and Abriba people.

I am not going to waste much of your time with epistles, but I am going to be as precise and objective as possible so as to make this write-up short and informative enough. Meanwhile, you are free to ask questions via the comment box.

Why do people from other regions in Nigeria see Mbaise people as bad people?
This started in the 80s/90s after Oriental brothers music band split due to members’ disagreement on issues. Remember, the owner and founder of the ‘Oriental Brothers’ band was an Mbaise man, popularly known as- ‘Dee Warrior’ or simply- ‘Warrior’. To cut the long story short, Warrior had issue with one of his lead backup; Dan Sachi, who left the band to start his own, and later released a song, in which he used the opportunity to bash Mbaise people saying- 

“if you see snake and see an Mbaise indigene, that you should kill mbaise person first before you kill the snake”

Remember, music travels faster than human, so the song spread so wide and gained popularity, such that people started watching every move an Mbaise indigene made while ignoring worst moves or attitudes of people from other communities or towns. This was the origin.

Of course every community, region, tribe, country or race have their foes, and they also have bad examples, but unfortunately, many people today ignore the wrong people from other communities or town do to them and focus more on the wrong an Mbaise indigene does to them just because they have made up their minds that all Mbaise indigene are evil and should be observed closely with all caution.

Some ladies will tell you how an Mbaise guy broke their heart, some guys will also tell you how an Mbaise lady almost killed him, dumped him and did this and that to him, but ask the same person if he or she haven’t ever experienced similar thing from someone who isn’t from Mbaise, or if he or she haven’t heard or seen a non-mbaise indigene do worse?

I can boldly tell you that: there is no evil committed by an Mbaise indigene that hasn’t been committed by people from other communities, towns, tribes and even race!

Some say Mbaise people show sense a lot, and yeah, that’s called- smartness! You can hardly outsmart them in business, and reason they are always successful in whatever they do.

Some interesting things you didn’t know about Mbaise:
-Mbaise was the last capital of Biafra during Nigerian civil war
- The governor of Central Bank of Biafra during the Nigerian civil war was from Mbaise
- Biafra had a crude oil reserve at Mbaise during the civil war, and it is believed that Mbaise have crude oil that is yet to be explored
- Nigerian civil war ended around Mbaise
- Mbaise has more professors than most Nigerian states combined, and majority of the professors in Imo State comes from Mbaise (they are scattered all over the world because they love studying and travelling)
- Mbaise is the only town in Nigeria that is as popular as a State

Some great people from Mbaise
Note: I am compiling this list from my head, based on the people I know, so many people will definitely be omitted, but I will try and be updating it with time as I get tip offs from readers and fans.
-Chief S. U Ugo: Governor, Central Bank of Biafra
- Senator Chris Anyanwy: Senator, representing Owerri zone Imo State
- Prof. Iwuji: Former Education minister
- ACP Julius Nwagwu rtd. : Assistant Comptroller General of Nigerian Customs Nationwide (Export)
- Bar. Noel Chukwuka Agwuocha: Former Speaker of House of Assembly, Imo State
- Actor Kanayo O. Kanayo: A list Nollywood Actor
- Actor Genevieve Nnaji: A list Nollywood/Hollywood Actor
- Actor Rita Domnic: A list Nollywood Actor
- Actor Stephanie Okereke: A list Nollywood Actor (her hometown used to be under Mbaise before a political split)
- Actor/Evangelist Eucharia Anunobi: Veteran Nollywood actor and now Evangelist
- Actor/Comedian Okey Bakasi: Veteran Nollywood Actor cum Comedian
- Late Prof. Onwuliri: Former V.C Federal University of Technology Owerri (FUTO)
- Chioma Ajunwa: Rtd Athlete and First Africa Olympic Gold Medalist (1996)
- Justice Mary Okaego Odili: First Lady and wife of Former Rivers State Governor, Peter Odili
And many more that I can’t just remember right now but will keep updating with time….

Notable things about Mbaise and its indigenes
Mbaise people have always been very active in Nigerian politics. The sons and daughters have rendered services as Federal Ministers, State Commissioners, a Governor, Governorship candidates, a Federal Vice-Presidential candidate, and even a Presidential candidate. In 1946, long before Independence of Nigeria, Mr. Jamike Iwunna, who was credited for suggesting the name “Mbaise”, led an entourage of the late Dr. Nnamdi Azikiwe to Mbaise before the 1947 London Constitutional Conference. Mbaise has produced four Federal Government Ministers in the persons of Dr. Sylvester Ugoh (PhD Harvard Economic), Chief I.D Nwoga (Oxford), Professor Fabian. N. C. Osuji (PhD Ibadan), and Mrs. Chinwe Obaji. Several sons and daughters have served as honorable commissioners in Imo State governments. Dr. Sylvester Ugoh was selected as Vice-Presidential Candidate while Prof F. N. C. Osuji and Dr. Alex Obi vied as the governorship candidates of Imo State, and currently Dr. (Mrs.) Ada Okwuonu is the Deputy Governor. Chief Chinedu Ezebuiro vied for the Presidency of the Federal Republic of Nigeria under the defunct Social Democratic Party. Air Commodore Luke Ochulor (Rtd.) was the first Military Governor of Delta State. Chris Anyanwu is the first female senator in Imo State. Late Gaius Anoka, who initiated the annual Pan-Igbo Ahiajoku Lecture series, was the Nigerian High Commissioner to Sierra Leone.

Mbaise people place a high premium on education. The earliest missionary and educational activities commenced in Mbaise about 1915. Today, there are several Catholic Priests and Clergymen of the Anglican Communion serving worldwide.
In 1934, an Irish nun established a convent in Ogbor Nguru that served Orlu, Ikeduru, Okigwe and Obowo. Mbaise daughters received early education at the Regina Caeli College, Ogbor Nguru and attracted suitors from all over the former Eastern Region of Nigeria and beyond. Despite the fact that western education arrived late relative to other parts of the country, Mbaise can boast of countless professors, PhDs, and different specialty graduates. These professionals are contributing to human development and progress all over the world. Some have served exceptionally well as Pro-Chancellor and Chairman of Governing council of the University of Nigeria Nsukka, as Vice-Chancellor of the Federal University of Technology, Owerri, the Madonna University, Okija, Deputy Vice-Chancellor of the (Old) Imo State University, as Librarian FUTO, and as Registrar of the University of Nigeria Nsukka.

Mbaise indigenes have contributed in numerous areas of economic, educational, and social development of their country. Dr. Sylvester Ugoh was the first and only Governor of the Central Bank of the defunct Bank of Biafra. Dr. (Mrs.) Agatha Ndugbu (PhD, OON) a lawyer, statistician, and economist served as Imo State Head of Service. Famous legal luminaries Sir Mike Ahamba, Sir Bon Nwakamma, and Lucius Nwosu are among the first Senior Advocates of Nigeria in Imo State. Several others are serving as High Court Judges in Nigeria. The first lawyer from Mbaise Chief B. S. Nzenwa was called to the bar in 1959. From the military to the police forces, you will find at the top echelon, men and women from Mbaise in command positions.

During the 1967-1970 Nigeria - Biafra civil war, Mbaise played very strategic roles. A unit of the “Research and Production” (RAP) that improvised and manufactured various scarce commodities during the blockade was positioned in Mbaise. The Head of State of the breakaway Biafra, General Odumegwu Ojukwu launched the Ahiara Declaration, a blueprint for the political and economic development of the beleaguered Biafra at Ahiara. When Mbaise, where most Igbo people had taken refuge, was overrun by the Federal Armed Forces, the civil war came to an abrupt end.

Why you should consider marrying from Mbaise
If you love success, unity and greatness, then consider marrying from mbaise- male or female.
If you want an ambitious woman will not just come to squander your little resources, but one who would gladly and diligently work with you to accumulate wealth, then look no further than Mbaise ladies.

If you want to marry a woman who wouldn’t want to hear the word- divorce, or who hates divorce and ready to stay in the marriage to make it work, then look no further than Mbaise ladies.

If you are looking for a woman you will impress and intimidate with money or wealth, please don’t go near an Mbaise lady because they aren’t always moved by money and material wealth even though all humans love money and good life; majority of Mbaise ladies aren’t money freak, and they believe they can make enough money for themselves.

As for the ladies looking for a deserving husband, pray you come across an Mbaise guy because they are one of the best lovers if you yourself is lovable and worthy.

If you love wealth, and desire to build a home you will remember in future and say- God I thank you, then start now to look for Mbaise guys because they are awesome, ambitious, in fact, they attract wealth and success…and reason Mbaise people are the most successful people in Imo State…with amazing buildings and indigenes sprang in all works of life- sports, entertainment, music, movie, oil and gas, education, civil service, military, Police, ICT, trade, craft, fashion, hospitality, medicine, agriculture, politics, business, just name it- Mbaise people occupy top positions in these sectors.

God bless Mbaise indigenes wherever they are….God bless Nigeria.

Note: I won’t entertain any aggressive comment on this post…so be informed ahead that on this very topic, I am not going to publish any insulting comment, so forget it…lol…only Mbaise lovers, friends, in-laws, well-wishers, admirers, and secret crushes are welcomed here…LAFMAO….

Wishing you all a wonderful Sunday.


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    God bless mbaise
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